Joseph Beaty

JosephBeatyDPSJoseph Beaty began his audio career as a songwriter and multi-faceted musician. His early years in Chicago paved the way for a strong push in the eclectic South Florida art and music scene starting in the late 90’s. He also received a degree in Broadcast Communications around this time. Joseph briefly worked in Radio before settling in at Florida’s Avalon and Power Station Recording Studios. His involvement with these Digital Power Station certified studios gave him a place to exercise his craft early in his audio career. It was in these studios (circa-2002) that Joseph was taken under the wing of Tony Bongiovi to produce a record for his critically acclaimed alternative band, Mindlikewater. An in-studio relationship between Bongiovi and Beaty was born. Joseph began to work with Bongiovi Entertainment on songwriting for global artists, film, commercials, etc. He continues to work with Tony and Bongiovi Entertainment on musical projects today. During in his time in Florida, Joseph adopted early social networking practices to promote his music online. He continues these practices today with Bongiovi Acoustics and Bongiovi Medical. His knowledge of the DPS Plugin Software products have given Joseph the ability to be the main outreach to the public for Bongiovi Acoustics and Bongiovi Medical. He currently resides in Glens Falls, NY with his wife, boy girl twins, and two cats.