Joseph Butera III

Joe Butera III

Joe began his audio engineering career in 1995 while attending the Berklee’s Music Production and Engineering program.  Since then he has been the chief audio engineer for Avalon Recording Studio and Power Station Studios in Pompano Beach, Florida.  During that time Joe has worked with artists such as Clarence Clemons of the E Street Band, Marcia Barrett of Boney M, Mark Stein of Vanilla Fudge, Seven dust, T Pain and more.  Joe has worked with Tony Bongiovi since 1999 on many audio projects ranging from Jive recording artists, Deepside, to film mixing and Bongiovi DPS technology applications today.

As a field engineer for Bongiovi Acoustics, Joe has traveled to Asia and Australia to oversee implementation of Bongiovi DPS technology and create custom DPS profiles for many vehicles and consumer electronics applications.  Joe brings years of hands-on audio experience, computer systems know-how and solid scientific method to the Bongiovi Medical team.