Disruptive Innovations in Healthcare Conference – CME’s STEP-BY-STEP Directions


Physicians can register for the Disruptive Innovations in Health Care track by following these steps:

  • NOTE: If you attended CES last year, you will choose “Sign In” then continue the process”
  • If you are a new attendee or haven’t been to CES in the past 2 years, you will need to create a new registration account.

The link above will take you to the main CES page. Click the blue “REGISTER” button at the upper lest corner of the screen. (Located to the right of the CES DATE and below “SIGN IN/SEARCH)

New Attendees: Click on the “CREATE ACCOUNT” button under “New CES Account” section on the left side of the screen.

Repeat Attendees: Click On the “SIGN IN” button under the “Existing CES Account” section on the right side of the screen and follow process. CONTINUE TO THE “STEP ONE-Begin” section below.

  • Note, if you don’t know your log-in information, you will need to click, “I need help signing in” which is located in the lower left of the “Sign In” box. Follow the instructions to reset password.

New Registrations Continue: Fill in ALL information on Create Account screen then click the blue “Register” button.
            – Make a note of the password you selected; you will need it momentarily.

A notification page will come up notifying you that a verification email has been sent.

Check your Inbox for an email from “CES 2020” With the subject line, “Activate Your CES Account”

Open the email and click the green “Activate Account” button.

            Note: your username will be the email you registered with.

You will be redirected to the “STEP ONE-Begin” page.

STEP ONE – Begin

Select the blue “ATTENDEE” button to the left side of the screen.

            Red the pop-up notice about your headshot photo. -CLICK OK

Now select the “START REGISTRATION” button in the “Register with Email” box to the right of the screen.

STEP TWO – About You

Fill in the information as listed: (Some fields will be prefilled from the previous step)

  • Click BOTH Acknowledgment buttons
  • Add your preferred Prefix
  • Add Birthdate and phone number

Upload New Photo: Upload your photo using one of the methods. (Import from LinkedIn, Upload from your device, or take a picture from your computer/tablet/phone. NOTE: The photo MUST have a solid, light colored background and show your full face above the head and below the chin. Any “touched up”, closely cropped or otherwise altered/edited photos will be rejected.

Demographics: Fill out all the questions with the red star next to them. Note, these answers are just for their analytical purposes. Select an answer that best describes yourself. Again, if nothing applies, just pick something as an answer is required on stared questions. Note, when being asked about product categories, “Digital Health” is a broad category and is a good default choice.

Other Information: Select “yes or No” for each question

                        Add your business email and confirm. Note, in this section, you should use a business email address instead of a generic address like AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, etc., even if you used a generic email to register at the beginning. Using a generic email may cause the CES staff to contact you for further professional verification.

Click the blue “Continue” button at the bottom right.

STEP THREE- About Your Company – Fill in required fields (red starred)

  • Business Address
  • Is your Company exhibiting at CES? NO
  • Select one choice that best matched the primary function of your medical business. IE: Digital Health or Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals/Biotech is a good generic choice

CLICK the blue “CONTINUE” Button.

STEP FOUR – Credentials

Click the “Provide Industry Credentials” button. Note the list of approved credentials. A scan of your business card works well.

Click the Blue “UPLOAD” button to upload your credentials. (Note the accepted formats of your uploads must be either: PDF, JPG or BMP and not exceed 10MB is file size)

  • A white pop up window will appear. Click “Choose File”
    – A file window will appear. Navigate to the business card file on your computer or device and select it.

STEP FIVE- Terms & Conditions

Please click the appropriate selection on red starred item at the top

Click at bottom to agree to terms and conditions

Upon completing this page properly, the “CONTINUE” button will turn blue. Please click “CONTINUE”

STEP SIX – Add-Ons

Those of you that are interested in the “Disruptive Innovation in Healthcare” (DIH) portion of the conference: PLEASE CLICK “ADD CONFERENCES” Under the Conference Program Block to the left.

(Those of you who just want to attend CES and not pay to attend the DIH conference please skip this page and just click the blue “CONTINUE” button at the lower right of the screen and PROCEED TO STEP SEVEN.)

To add the DIH Conference:

            Scroll down below the main 3 boxed selections and go to the larger box with all the “BUY/ADD options”

In this box, scroll down to the “Disruptive Innovations In Healthcare” and click the BLUE “BUY” button. (You will add the discount code later for the 10% Bongiovi Medical discount.)

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the blue “CONTINUE” button.

A white dialog box will appear indicating that conference seating is on a first-come, first-served basis – CLICK “OK”

This will take you back to the STEP SIX – Add-Ons main page.

Now click the blue “CONTINUE” button.


Review the information on this page. Be sure to click the acknowledgement button at the top of the Review Summary.

Once complete and correct, scroll to the bottom of the “Review” Box and click the blue “ENTER PROMOTIONAL CODES” Button.

This will take you to a page to enter Promotional Code #1

Enter this code: BMHT

Click the Blue “CONTINUE” button.

This code will default the CES badge to $0.00 ONLY IF YOU ADDED THE DIH CONFERENCE, this code will give you 10% off. (Reg $400, discounted to $360).

If you DO NOT wish to attend the DIH Conference, the cost for the CES badge alone will be $100.

If you have any issues or questions, please contact Rob Roy at: robroy@bmtdps.com