IntelliSpeech™ for Telemedicine

Powered by the MDPS “Zero-Footprint” SDK

  • Provide maximum speech intelligibility with Bongiovi Medical Digital Power Station (MDPS) audio processing performed in each endpoint’s browser.
  • Give users control over their audio experience.  Provide simple or extensive controls based on your users’ needs.
  • Smart Gate provides echo cancellation and noise reduction for endpoints that do not have AEC built into the hardware.
  • Push-to-Talk provides 2-way radio performance for extreme acoustic environments.
    • MDPS can be used to boost the signal to very high volume levels!  This is useful for loud noise environments or users with hearing difficulties.
  • Endpoint configuration files may be loaded from the server.  These configurations include the MDPS audio profile as well as Smart Gate and other parameters for reliable performance on known endpoints.

About the Software Development Kit

  • MDPS “Zero-Footprint” is a compiled Javascript (asm.js) SDK that may be integrated into existing WebRTC systems to improve users’ audio experience.
  • The SDK includes a working WebRTC setup with a web client interface and basic server that may be deployed locally for testing.
  • The UI provided in the demo may be used in whole or in part to provide the desired audio features for your system.
  • All controls are exposed to provide example use of the API and provide a platform for calibrating your endpoints.
  • Bongiovi’s engineering team is happy to provide insights into system design, acoustic tuning for your endpoints and consultation on any audio issues.
  • Currently compatible with Windows and OSX browsers that support WebRTC.  Mobile compatibility is coming soon.

Click Here to visit the SDK website

Click Here to view the online API documentation

Hear it for yourself…

Hearing is believing.  To hear the IntelliSpeech audio effect on your computer, install the IntelliSpeech PC application.  The Setup Helper will walk you through a demonstration of improving speech intelligibility on a medical dictation recording.

Click here to get IntelliSpeech for PC