Getting Started with MDPS


  1. Be sure no software that uses audio is running in the background.  This can interfere with Virtual Audio Driver installation.
  2. MDPS requires .NET framework 4.5.1.  Download it here if it is not already installed.
  3. Launch the MDPS installer:
    • MDPS will be added to the Startup folder by default.  Uncheck this option if you do not wish to have MDPS launch when the computer is started.
    • Reboot is not required.
  4. The MDPS application will launch after installation.


Using MDPS


  1. First, turn MDPS processing on by clicking the “B” logo or the DPS ON switch.
  2. Test the system using the BUILT-IN output device category.  DPS Profiles (sound settings) in this category have the greatest volume boost so it is very easy to verify the effect is working.
  3. Play any audio file on the Windows system.  You should hear the audio effect change when turning DPS processing on and off.
    • You will know audio is passing through MDPS when the Audio Visualizer is moving with the sound.
  4. Click the SETTINGS tab:


Profile Selection

  • Click the PROFILE drop-down menu to choose a DPS Profile:
    • Volume Boost – This profile amplifies the overall volume level.
      • Mode 1 – Less boost but more low frequencies.
      • Mode 2 – More boost but less low frequencies.
    • Transcription – Transcription profiles seek to maximize speech intelligibility of voice recordings.
      • Mode 1 – Less boost but more natural voice sound.
      • Mode 2 – More boost with emphasis for quiet recordings.
    • VoIP – These profiles make voice conferencing more intelligible.  BUILT-IN and EXTERNAL modes do not have loud volume boost to allow echo cancellation to function normally.  HEADPHONES mode has more processing to keep voices at a comfortable and consistent volume.
      • Mode 1 – Normal mode.
      • Mode 2 – Enhanced mode.
    • Heart and Lung – These profiles allow signals from electronic stethoscopes to be heard on small speakers.  MDPS is listed FDA Class 1. 
    • Mode 1 – Normal mode.
    • Mode 2 – Volume boost mode.


NOTE:  The OUTPUT category is not necessarily fixed to specific hardware.  You may find the Volume Boost profile in the BUILT-IN category works best for a particular headset.  Just set the output device in the BUILT-IN category to your headphone output.

MDPS will remember all settings for each OUTPUT category.

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