BMHT’s greatest resource is its people.

The combined expertise of Acoustic Engineers and Medical Professionals offer a unique set of skills and experience that is unparalleled. Along with these world-class engineers, Doctors, Nurses and others, BMHT has world class tools at its disposal.



Medical Acoustics Laboratory:

Located in Port Saint Lucie, FL, the BMHT Medical Acoustics Laboratory is a unique facility for research, development, prototype-construction, and analysis of various medical-acoustic obstacles. The BMHT laboratory was built to DPS specifications inside of what was once an existing commercial recording facility designed by legendary producer and founder of Bongiovi Medical & Health Technologies, Tony Bongiovi.

Our Experts and much of the acoustic laboratory equipment can also be taken into the field to troubleshoot, diagnose, and provide cost-effective space-saving solutions to medical acoustic challenges . We can also conduct or assist others with medical research and studies.

Bongiovi Medical & Health Technologies Forum 

The Bongiovi Medical Forum is where Medical Professionals interact with Bongiovi Medical and Health Technologies. The Forum Members are an invaluable source of information, ideas, and advice. Many of the conversations in the forum result in BMHT research projects. This “virtual board of advisors” is one of the ways BMHT keeps on the cutting edge of medical technology and clinical requirements. If you are a Medical Professional and are interested in joining, please e-mail Ted Spoltore at: to get the ball rolling.