Consulting Services

Bongiovi Medical & Health Technologies provides extensive consulting services. Bongiovi Medical’s audio and medical experts have unique experience in solving medical acoustic issues. If there is an audio component that needs to be optimized, we can help.  We have extensive experience in many areas, such as:

Intelligibility Assessment & Improvement: Do people understand announcements on your public address system? Do you have telemedicine systems that needs to be used in loud noise environments (e.g. Emergency Department)? Are you looking at a major purchase and want to know if it will work in your real-world environment? It sounded great in the demos and in the quiet conference room, but how will it work in the ICU and ED?

Bongiovi Medical’s audio experts can assess your current system and provide a range of options to improve performance. We can also use ANSI certified tests to assess and compare new systems for you.

System Design and Development: Are you a medical device manufacturer and your system has an audio component? If you are building a system, we can help with the requirements, design and SW/HW selection to ensure that you have a high quality system at the lowest possible cost. We can also use ANSI certified tests to assess and compare your new system versus the competition, thereby giving you a significant competitive edge.

Solving Unique Audio and Acoustic Challenges: Do you have a sound, noise, or intelligibility problem? Does it seem unsolvable? Is everybody just ignoring it or “learning to live with it”? Before you give up, give us a call.

For more information on our consulting services, please contact us by clicking here.