IntelliSpeech™ for Personal Computers

Bongiovi Medical’s IntelliSpeech, powered by MDPS™, is audio processing software that increases the intelligibility of critical speech on your computer.  When transcribing important voice recordings or engaging in VoIP communications, IntelliSpeech delivers crystal clear audio in all listening environments.

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About IntelliSpeech

Medical Digital Power Station (MDPS) is an FDA listed Class I Medical Device Data System that has been scientifically proven to deliver increased speech intelligibility in high noise environments. This means quiet talkers and poor recordings are much easier to transcribe.  And, when seconds count, critical communications in harsh acoustic environments (ER, ICU etc) are demonstrably improved.

IntelliSpeech processes all audio on your computer so it is compatible with most transcription software.  An easy-to-use Setup Wizard will get you up and running in minutes.

After you install the software, you will have 30 days to evaluate. After the evaluation period has ended, you must purchase a license for IntelliSpeech for $29.99 from our secure online store.