IntelliSpeech® FAQ

Q: How much does IntelliSpeech cost?
A: After the 30-day trial, you must purchase a license key at our secure web store.  The list price is $79.99, however, please click the link to see if the price has been discounted at your time of purchase.

Q: Will IntelliSpeech work with my speech recognition software (e.g. Dragon)?
A: No. IntelliSpeech is not designed to work with speech recognition software. IntelliSpeech processes audio to make voice recordings clearer and more intelligible when reproduced acoustically and heard by the human brain. MDPS signal processing compensates for environmental and psycho-acoustic phenomena that do not exist until the audio is reproduced acoustically. Speech recognition software recognizes speech patterns in recordings before they are reproduced acoustically. By altering the audio signal to compensate for anomalies that don’t yet exist, IntelliSpeech may actually lead to decreased performance of speech recognition software.

Trouble Shooting

Having trouble with audio?  Go to the ABOUT tab and click the (?) icon at the bottom right.  Use the Setup Wizard to walk through the most common audio issues.

Q: I don’t have any sound! What do I do?
A: Click the (?) help icon on the bottom-right of the ABOUT tab to access the Setup Wizard. It will assist you with setting up and troubleshooting IntelliSpeech™. You may also try these steps to restore sound on your computer:

Reboot Your Computer
Often, this will reset your computer’s audio system, and everything will work normally.

Select the proper Output Device
This issue usually occurs when IntelliSpeech is not assigned to an output you can hear. Follow these steps to get sound working on your system:


1. Be sure your computer is not muted and the volume on your speakers is turned up.
2. Open your Internet browser and play a YouTube video.
3. Click the SETTINGS tab on the IntelliSpeech window.
4. Select BUILT-IN SPEAKERS from the buttons on the left of the window.
5. Click the OUTPUT menu highlighted for BUILT-IN SPEAKERS on the right side of the window.


6. While the video clip is playing, try choosing different Output Devices that are available in the list.

      • This list contains all of the possible ways sound can leave your computer.
      • In most cases, you will hear sound when the proper Output Device is selected in the menu.

If this solves your problem, you may need to repeat steps 5 and 6 for the EXTERNAL SPEAKERS and HEADPHONES output categories. Each category may be assigned to a different output.

IntelliSpeech may have crashed
If IntelliSpeech crashes, audio will stop on your system. Simply launch IntelliSpeech from Start Menu/Bongiovi Medical/IntelliSpeech to restore sound.

If you wish to restore sound without re-launching IntelliSpeech, please follow these instructions:

1. Right-click on the speaker icon at the bottom right of your Windows Desktop.
2. Choose Playback Devices.
3. Select your built-in audio driver (not Digital Power Station).
4. Click Set Default then click Ok.
Audio will be restored to your system.

The DPS driver may have been turned down


The level control for the DPS driver may have been turned down accidentally. This will prevent audio from passing while IntelliSpeech is running. Fix it by following these instructions:

1. On the SETTINGS tab, click SYSTEM AUDIO SETTINGS at the bottom of the window. This will open the Windows audio control panel.


2. Select Speakers Digital Power Station.


3. Click Properties on the bottom right.
4. Click the Levels tab.
5. Be sure the Volume Control is at 100.

Check the Volume Mixer Levels
1. Right-click the speaker icon at the bottom right of the Windows Desktop.
2. Select Open Volume Mixer.
3. You should see at least two sliders. One for your computer’s output device and the other for Digital Power Station.


4. Be sure both sliders are turned up all the way. If you have a laptop, note what slider changes when you press your volume control key.

Q: I do not hear a difference when I turn IntelliSpeech on and off. What’s wrong?
A: You should always hear a difference when turning IntelliSpeech™ on and off. If you do not hear a difference in the sound, then IntelliSpeech is not processing the audio. Please follow these steps to address the issue:


1. Click the SETTINGS tab on the IntelliSpeech window.


2. Click SYSTEM AUDIO SETTINGS at the bottom of the window. This will open the audio control panel for your computer.
3. Click the Playback tab.
4. Click the Speakers Digital Power Station device.
5. Click Set Default.
When sound is playing you should see the green audio meters moving for both the Digital Power Station device and the hardware output device you chose in the IntelliSpeech™ SETTINGS tab.


Q: Why aren’t my headphones working with IntelliSpeech?
A: Some computers (including Dell laptops) do not display the headphone driver until headphones are connected. Please follow these steps to fix this issue:


1. Connect your headphones to your computer
2. Open the IntelliSpeech SETTINGS tab
3. Click the HEADPHONES output category so the box is around the two drop-down menus for HEADPHONES
4. Click the OUTPUT DEVICE drop down menu.
5. Your headphone output driver should now be available for selection.

You may need to repeat these steps each time you connect your headphones

Q: How do I fix clicks and pops in the audio?
A: Clicks and pops in the sound may have several causes:


    • Another user is logged into your computer and IntelliSpeech is running on their account.
    • FIX: Sign out of the other user’s account.
    • Your computer may be running out of CPU resources.
    • FIX: Turn off the Visualizer in the SETTINGS tab by un-checking ENABLE VISUALIZER.
    • Close any programs you are not using.
    • A virus scan or some other routine process may be in progress. Wait for it to complete.
    • Your sound card may not be compatible with Bongiovi DPS.
    • Be sure you have the latest drivers installed for all audio hardware.
    • The M-Audio Audiophile 2496 has been confirmed to cause clicks and pops on some systems. There is currently no fix for this sound card.
    • IntelliSpeech is designed to work as a stand-alone speech intelligibility solution. IntelliSpeech may not work properly when paired with other audio enhancement software or devices.

Q: How do I fix the driver not found error?
A: Usually this problem occurs when another program is using the computer’s audio system when you first install IntelliSpeech.

First, try launching IntelliSpeech again from Start Menu/Bongiovi Medical/IntelliSpeech

If that does not work, try these steps to fix the issue:

1. Uninstall IntelliSpeech (Note: On Windows 7 use the uninstaller located in Start Menu/Bongiovi Medical)
2. Reboot your computer.
3. Be sure no other programs are running. Check your System Tray (triangle icon at the bottom-right of your screen) to be sure programs like Skype or any other programs that use the Windows sound system are closed.
4. Install IntelliSpeech again. Use the IntelliSpeech Setup Wizard to get sound working properly.

Other Considerations

This error may occur if you install an update while another user is signed in to the computer. Follow the instructions above the resolve the issue.

      • If this error only occurs when you start your computer, you may need to remove IntelliSpeech from the Startup Folder in the Start Menu. There are rare instances when other services that are starting along with IntelliSpeech™ at system startup interfere with the Digital Power Station driver. Just launch IntelliSpeech after your computer has fully booted to avoid this issue.
      • Try running the installer as Administrator. After you extract the IntelliSpeech™ installer from the zip file you downloaded, right-click on it and select “Run as Administrator”.

Still having trouble?  Click here to contact our support team for details.

Q: How can IntelliSpeech be customized for my business or institution?
A: The look and feel of IntelliSpeech are customizable. That is part of the “skin” settings. If you or your organization would like a unique look, please contact us.

Q. How can IntelliSpeech be customized to address a unique acoustic problem?
A: IntelliSpeech™ is powered by MDPS. The Bongiovi Medical acoustic engineers can develop specialized settings (we call them profiles) in MDPS. Click here to learn more. The profiles that come with IntelliSpeech are designed to improve intelligibility in most settings. If you have unique acoustic issues, please contact us.

Q: Can IntelliSpeech be used concurrently with other Audio Enhancement Software or Hardware?
A: IntelliSpeech is engineered as a standalone audio solution. When paired with other audio enhancement programs, the combined audio result can be unpredictable. In short, this is not a recommended use of IntelliSpeech™.

Q: Does IntelliSpeech work on speech that has been slowed down for transcription?
A: Yes

Q: I have Windows XP or Vista. Will IntelliSpeech run on my machine?
A: Sorry, no. IntelliSpeech™ runs on Windows 7 (SP1) and later.

Q: Can I find IntelliSpeech in the iOS App Store or in Google Play?
A: No. We are offering our software on the Windows platform with plans to eventually bring it to Mac. There are no current plans to bring this software to iOS or Android, but plans may change..

Q: What is the difference between “Normal” and “Strong” processing modes?
A: IntelliSpeech optimizes your output device’s ability to produce intelligible speech. Normal mode works best in most circumstances.  However, Strong mode may be useful when there is a very quiet recording or if there are other issues preventing intelligibility.

Q: I am hearing impaired. How can IntelliSpeech assist me?
A: While IntelliSpeech™ does not claim to address clinical hearing loss, the audio processing can increase speech intelligibility for users of all hearing levels.

Q: Can IntelliSpeech transform an audio file into one that is more intelligible?
A: Not by itself. IntelliSpeech is meant to provide real-time speech intelligibility. While it certainly will improve the intelligibility of the speech as the file is being played back, it will not change the file in any way. It is possible, however, to record the output of your PC using a sound recorder application in conjunction with IntelliSpeech to achieve this result. If you are interested in a standalone application to produce this type of file, please contact us, and we can discuss development options.

Q: I am a developer. How can I incorporate IntelliSpeech into my software or hardware project?
A: Please visit the Bongiovi DPS SDK page by clicking here.

For more information, please Contact Us.