Solutions for Manufacturers & Integrators

Bongiovi Medical DPS can be integrated into your Telemedicine system via Software or Hardware solutions.  Each solution uses the same patented algorithm and provides the same improvement to your system.  The decision on which integration method is the best with your system will be dictated by a number of engineering and business considerations.  For a more detailed discussion, please contact BMHT by clicking here.

Web Video Chat Integration

IntelliSpeech™ for Telemedicine is an in-browser audio processing solution specifically designed for telemedicine applications.  Click here to learn more.


Software Integration

Medical DPS (MDPS™) can run on a number of operating systems including Windows (except Vista), Mac, Android, iOS and Linux*.

Windows Computer Integration with MDPS™

There are 3 different levels of integration:

  • Virtual Audio Driver (VAD) – The MDPS application is installed on your system.  It runs in the background and processes all the audio on the computer.  If a user needs to change audio settings, they open the MDPS interface and use its controls.
  • VAD with URL Controls – MDPS has the ability to be controlled by url calls.  You can build DPS controls into your GUI using this simple method.  This way the user never has to leave your control panel to access MDPS features.  MDPS will remain minimized in the system tray and process all audio on the system.
  • DPS Library Integration – The MDPS audio processing library can be fully integrated into any software that handles audio including telemedicine and VoIP applications.  Bongiovi Medical’s engineers will work with your developer to choose the best method for your application.

Mobile Device SDK

Software Development Kits (SDK) are available for devices running Android and iOS..  These kits allow full integration of the DPS audio processing library into any app.  System-level integration is available for custom builds of Android. Visit for more information.

*Note: The DPS library code will run on Linux.

Hardware Integration

There may be a number of reasons to use a hardware integration solution.  The audio in your system may not pass through a computer for processing in the operating system.  Or, in rare cases, there may be a conflict between the MDPS application, virtual audio driver or other software on the system.

Currently, DPS for Medicine is available in these hardware platforms:

  • Analog Devices 1761 and 1401 chips
  • On Semiconductor LC75056 6 channel dsp chip
  • Nuvoton NUC505 ARM Cortex M4 processor

Which solution is right for your Telemedicine System?  Contact BMHT to learn more.

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