Small Animal Study FAQ


Why is this study being conducted?

This study is the first step in a potential multi-phase study advancing the use of body sounds for screening and diagnostic purposes. This study may lead to better, faster and less expensive diagnostic tools such as an advanced stethoscope. We believe that these studies could lead to advancements in human and animal medicine.

Who is in charge of this study?

This is a Joint Study between Bongiovi Medical and Health Technologies and Brighton Animal Clinic. The Principal Investigators are Dr. Kris Montgomery, DVM and Dr. Daniel Weiss, MD. Dr. Montgomery is the Chief Veterinarian at Brighton Animal Clinic. You can read her Bio here. Dr. Weiss is a Cardiologist and the Associate Medical Director of Bongiovi Medical and Health Technologies. You can read his bio here.

How is this stethoscope different than any normal stethoscope?

This phase of the study is using an off-the -shelf electronic stethoscope. This stethoscope has output that allows making digital recordings relatively easily. That was one of the main criteria for choosing it. This phase of the study will be done with only the Thinklabs Rhythm DS32a Stethoscope with a digital line out to a Zoom H1 digital Recorder.

How long will it take to participate in the study?

Just a few additional minutes on top of your already scheduled appointment.

What is the process involved in participating?

Brighton Animal Clinic’s Veterinarians and professionals will be carrying out your regularly scheduled veterinary appointment. An additional check of your animal’s heart and lungs will be done before the completion of the appointment. This will include the recording of your animals heart and lungs.

Why has Brighton Animal Clinic decided to participate in the study?

Brighton Animal Clinic is committed to bringing you and your pet the finest care it can. It sees a unique opportunity to do research within their fully equipped facility to better the entire animal health community.

Why do I have to sign a consent form?

Every participating party must first sign a consent form giving us the right to record your animal’s heart and lung sounds.

My dog is treated by a different Veterinarian. Can I still participate in this study?

We are only recording patients of Brighton Animal Clinic during this phase of the study. In our anticipated future phases, we will be looking for dogs with specific conditions. If your dog meets those criteria, we will invited you to participate. For more information, contact us by e-mail at

When and where can I sign up to participate?

You can sign up at Brighton Animal Clinic or by contacting us via email at Consent forms are required to partake in this study. They are available at the Brighton Animal Clinic and online here.