DPS H.E.A.R. is an application of the Bongiovi Acoustics Digital Power Station technology that allows for clear, satisfying sound at healthier volume levels. Because of the unique way DPS processes loudness and frequency information, headphones or ear buds do not need to be turned up as loud for an enjoyable listening experience.  For more details read the Medical Poster on DPS HEAR by clicking here.

A Typical Recording

The audio waveform below is for the song “New York, New York” featuring Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra.


New York New York wave file before DPS

Notice the lighter blue core of the waveform surrounded by darker blue peaks. The light blue represents the average power of the audio and includes much of the information we perceive as loudness. The darker blue peaks can be much greater than the average power at any given moment.

Typical Hearing

When we want to listen to a song, we naturally turn it up to a level where the elements we want to hear are loud enough. This may mean some parts of the song are too loud or uncomfortable. For example: you might be having a hard time hearing the singer’s soft and emotional reflection in a pivotal moment of the song. A typical response is to turn up the volume to hear this more clearly. Harsh sound effects or hard hitting drums might also be in that section and are now sitting in an uncomfortable listening range. Ouch! We tolerate this because the emotional impact of the singer is more important.

When we listen through headphones or ear-buds, these louder sounds can cause the acoustic reflex to occur. The acoustic reflex is how our ears protect themselves from loud sounds. This effect, in turn, dulls the sound. So we turn the volume up to compensate. This is not a productive cycle.  Bongiovi DPS offers a digital solution to this problem by achieving clarity without the damaging high volume levels.

Digital Power Station Processing

The Bongiovi DPS Real Time Audio Re-Mastering™ process reacts instantly to the incoming audio signal. This patented algorithm understands that human ears pay the most attention to sounds to which they are most sensitive. No matter what the original content of the audio is, Bongiovi DPS will optimize the signal so that important sounds stay at a consistent volume without losing their emotional impact. Here is an example:

This is “New York, New York” processed by Bongiovi DPS:


New York New York wave after DPS

Notice how the lighter blue is extremely consistent while the dark blue (still vibrant and active) is more controlled. It is easier for speakers or headphones to reproduce and it is easier for us to listen to.

Click here for a closer look at the wave forms.

So, now that we have a great real time solution to a real audio issue, we wanted to add a layer of safety without compromising the integrity and clarity of the audio. Enter…DPS H.E.A.R.!

Bongiovi DPS H.E.A.R.

H.E.A.R. technology takes advantage of the audio enhancement DPS provides. When H.E.A.R. is engaged, parameters of the Bongiovi DPS process are adjusted to further optimize the signal, thus delivering audio at an output level that is more consistent with safe listening practices. While the actual sound output level may vary from headphone to headphone, the result is crystal clear audio that is comfortable to listen to and easy to understand while avoiding the fatigue of louder volumes.

Note: DPS H.E.A.R. only works on media played from within the DPS System-wide Plug-In software products. Healthy listening practices include utilizing safe volume levels and periodic listening breaks.

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